Aren’t They Wonderful?

This page is dedicated to Working Dogs – either working or playing, doing what they love to do.  If you have a favorite video link, please send that using the Comments below.

Water Work or Play:

Are Newfies Strong?

Are You Ready for This?

And of course!  Italian Water Rescue

Draft Work:

Cart Training

Carting Workshop

Pulling Christmas Trees


Maggie the Therapy Dog

Small Paws Big Heart

Four-footed Role Models:  Archie

Rosie:  A Dog Who Keeps Her Promise

At a recent dog show, one of the attendees watching Newfoundlands relayed a wonderful story about a young man who was in Craig Hospital in Denver for debilitating injuries which resulted from a car accident.  She said that he gets very excited when he sees a Newfoundland because when he was being rehabilitated, the highlight of his days were Newfoundland therapy dogs.  It was a very dismal time, and this was what kept him going.  He was there five years ago.  Here is a recent review of hospital dog therapy programs in that area:
Pet Therapy Opportunities Bring Smiles Across Denver

For those considering adding a Newfoundland to their home and lifestyle, please visit the NCA Answers! page:

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