What is a Newfoundland?

Well, it’s about time that someone should ask this question, even if it is me!

New owners, and those thinking about bringing a Newfoundland into their lives have a lot of learning ahead of them.  If you’ve never had a dog, or have never had a large, energetic, hairy dog who slobbers and has no concept of personal space, you could benefit from a little investment in reading.  There are some good sources of information on the internet, but as many companies and individuals have learned that pets are good for marketing, much of what you will find may not be helpful, reliable or well-developed.  A good place for information about any purebred dog is through the “parent club” website.  The “parent club” is the organization that provides the “breed standard” information to AKC, the defining collection of those traits that describe the breed and set it apart from all others. The parent club includes many people who have known the breed for multiple decades, who have debated and discussed issues affecting the breed at length, and most parent clubs provide some sources of education to those interested in the breed.  Loosely translated, this means “free knowledge, freely shared” from a reliable source.

The Newfoundland Club of America (NCA) is the parent club in the U. S. for Newfoundlands, and AKC is the registering body recognized by the Newfoundland Club of America.

NCA includes a lot of information on their web site about Newfoundlands that helps those new to the breed learn about what lies ahead – what you can do with your Newf, what health issues are common to the breed and what health tests should be performed before a breeding decision is made, how to find a good breeder, what a puppy contract should include, information to help new owners rear their puppy, and much, much more.  Rearing a puppy is what allows the long-term relationship to develop that is rewarding for you and your dog.  Puppies are learning constantly.  There is not an off-switch, so new owners who are better prepared will be able to avoid the common pitfalls that can occur when their puppy has learned what puppies learn without supervision and guidance.

A good starting page for those new to the breed is the NCA Answers! page:


Have fun.  Each day is a quickly passing moment in a splendid journey.  Grab the handlebars and hold on tight!

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