Welcome to the Bigfoot Club!

Dedicated to the fun in life!

For those who aren’t well-acquainted with Newfoundland dogs, these creatures are both warm and huggable, and intelligent and independent.  They have great empathy, and they have a fun-filled sense of humor.  They can be challenging as well as entertaining, and they can sleep as hard as they work.  Life is definitely more fun shared with a Newf!  (But you had better invest in super-duty appliances and dedicate extra cabinet space for supplies that will be needed on a larger scale!)

Videos here:  The Bigfoot Club

How did The Bigfoot Club get its name?

What is a Newfoundland?

NOTICE:  The Bigfoot Club is the home of Nitewater Newfoundlands.  We are not affiliated with any other business or any other kennel.

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