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Sharing space with the big dogs


*Published 6/29/23; written in 2016 Each Newf that comes to be a part of our lives has a different personality. There are somesimilarities, particularly between members with similar lines, but there are also differences in ways that make them irrefutably … Continue reading

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As A Newfoundland owner, one of your greatest assets is paper towels.  Sometimes what you clean up necessitates a disposable product.  Especially when you are showing or just traveling, paper towels can be a high-value asset.  This has been a … Continue reading

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This morning, Banner was banished from the kitchen, again.  She doesn’t like having her freedom of choice impaired.  At first, she stayed outside the perimeter being cleaned.  (I don’t know how she knows that precise point, except that she is … Continue reading

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Home-made Hot Chocolate for In-dwellers

Winter has finally arrived in Southwest Missouri. It began last week, has been frigid and is diving into single-digit lows for several days, with the lows in the forecast going back up to 11 F next Friday. The forecast has … Continue reading

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