Sunshine & Snow Melting

Feb. 11, 2011

I won’t know what it feels like to stand outside where my feet are actually on firm ground!

We had another bountiful measure of snow a couple of days ago, more than the 2nd round, with a piled high total.  Walking across the front yard had a strange feeling.  Your feet would go through the first layer, then more slowly through the next layer, leaving you standing on a compressed level of snow, not being sure whether it would give under you as you took the next step.

The dogs don’t mind, they plow on.   They sink in to about their bellies.  They’ve really enjoyed the bounty of winter this year.  They walk through it, scooping it up in their mouths like they do water when they swim.  Water in any form is such wonderful stuff!  I think they are beginning to expect that this is the new norm, that every day whenever they go outside, there is snow on the ground.  In other words, the excitement and rapture is beginning to be replaced with acceptance if not expectation, although still with fun.  Now that the sun is coming out and the snow is beginning to melt, I’m delighted.  Hope they aren’t too disappointed.

I’m about ready to turn the house upside down for a spring cleaning.  (not that cleaning is one of my favorite tasks!)  Ready for no more excessive winter coats, suits, snow boots, accessories and severe weather reserves (mainly water run into bottles and carboys).  Ready to put away the humidifier, the winter “hut” for Corky, and put the plants back outside!  I think we will celebrate with baths this weekend!  The birds outside are just as happy about this as I am!  (Of course, next comes the muddy feet season.  <g>)

Happy Friday to everyone from The Bigfoot Club!

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