This summer was a difficult one for the Newfs.  The heat was intense and enduring, leaving limited opportunities for exercise and outdoor fun.  We were able to take them swimming on a few weekends, and we were able to take short walks in the mornings.  When the first “break” in the temperatures arrived, with the thermometer reaching a high of “only” 67 F, it was enough to inspire hope in the Newfs.  Attitudes immediately became hopeful and energetic – fall was in the making!

We had a visit from a friend who has Tibetan Terriers.  She brought her puppies over, then about 7 weeks old, to visit with the Newfs.  Company is always appreciated, and Parker was enchanted with these little friendly creatures.  He has always been good-natured and a good role model for puppies, and it was fun to see how quickly the puppies followed his lead.  Ana brought a gift for the Newfs, a bright blue inflated ball.  Parker was like a youngster again, for a few moments before he had to contend with a wound-up girl Newfoundland.  The puppies began to gain confidence and wandered around the yard, moving under the vehicles at first to avoid Newfoundland feet, then gathering around the big dogs.  Jade learned to lie still to let the puppies come to her.  She hasn’t been around puppies much, so this was very exciting.  She earned a little payback for her own youthful mischief as the puppies jumped up and nipped at her lips and ears.

These bright little puppies quickly became comfortable with their big friends.


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