Last night, I had good company outside while I fed cows, horses and cats.  It was chilly and windy, and what was expected to be a rain shower arrived as little ice balls.  Dogs were happy, except the Boston Terrier who is now staying close to the heating vent.

The weather report last night showed snow, about 1/2 – 3/4″, a very different landscape than yesterday morning, when it was T-shirt weather and the flowers on the mum bushes were still fresh.  There was a rose bush in town that I had been admiring.  It grew up and over a large mailbox and was full of fresh-looking bright red roses.  Last week, before the show weekend, I had cut some roses from our bush to make the nice weather last a little longer inside.  Odd that they don’t last as long inside at this time of the year.  We haven’t been running the furnace, so the air isn’t too dry, but when we came back, the flowers were wilted and hanging over the edges of the vase.

I wanted to look out the window this morning to see if there was any snow left, but the Party Boy had decided that he needed a massage, so he had climbed onto the bed at my feet, and the “little” girl was beside me on the right with her chin resting on the bed.  Clearly the first priority was Newf attention.  It wasn’t long before Jade was ready to go outside, so I left Parker on the bed, checked through the window to see what looked like a light frost, then opened the back door for Jade.  Brrrrr!

Parker needed some more rubbing, so I spent a little more time with him before making coffee.  He finally decided to dismount and go outside.  There is a certain sparkle in their movement when there is extra joy in their mood.  Jade had found her kitties and Parker was welcomed to the outdoor world of wonder.

I checked periodically to see when they may be ready to come inside for breakfast.  After a while, both Newfs had laid down in sphinx positions surveying their landscape and watching the kittens.  Neither had any interest in coming inside.  Jade even looked back over her shoulder with an expression of dismay, that I would interrupt her experience.  I can understand that.  This is how I like to enjoy my coffee in the morning, without interruption.

When the microwave timer sounded in the kitchen, Parker barked his instruction that I should let him inside.  The timer marks an event that is important to Parker, so he is well tuned-in to that sound.  It means that dinner is almost ready, or breakfast is almost ready.

With Parker coming inside, Jade decided to come in also.  With each Newf lying quietly nearby, I get to enjoy my coffee time today writing their morning story.

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