Written 7/9/10 with the title of 7-Day Schedules

Parker is a lot like his dad in this respect, and well, in a lot of ways.  I haven’t quite figured out how a Newf can keep track of a 7-day schedule when I can’t!

It has been another busy week, more from mental traffic than other demands, with objectives to complete and timelines approaching.  So, I was up late on Wed. to finish some work for an early call the next day.  Not as much sleep as I would like.  Then last night, the little girl dog decided at about 10:30 p.m. that we needed to party.  Geesh!  And I was hoping to be in bed early.  Greg had his time conflicts, and missed the Fedex timeline for Joplin, so he had to take his package to Springfield for shipment.  He got back close to when I wanted to go to bed, tired too.  We finally had to put a baby gate between Parker and Jade, because as soon as you got them to settle down and be quiet, and once again reminded Jade that it was time for all good puppies and peoples to go to bed, she would begin wiggling and stretching, working toward and working on Parker to get a party started.  (Girl talk, argument & sass, The Paw, “I’ll get you” with her neck arched and her mouth like a dragon, that sort of tactic)  And, of course, like Banker, Parker has a weak spot for play enticement.   It had been a long short week with the 4th of July falling on a Monday, and yesterday felt like Wednesday to me, but to a couple of Newfs whose exercise had been neglected for a few days, well, you may know what that penalty is like for a human!

When I finally woke up this morning (late), it didn’t seem like Friday.  I noticed that Parker was unusually happy and glowing.  I love it when he feels like that.  It is contagious and lifts your spirits.  He even shows it in his gait.  It’s like the world is full of joy, and with each step, butterflies are released and flowers sway and colors abound.  I love that about him, and loved that about his dad.

It took me quite a bit longer to realize that it was Friday.  (with pre-celebration beginning on Thursday evenings)  Maybe Jade is catching on too.

So, Happy Friday!  (pass it on)

Shouldn’t Fridays be declared a National or International Holiday?

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