Written Dec. 7, 2009

Last night, as I rumbled through the Big Red Box, increasing the anticipation of what was to come, I noticed that there wasn’t much left to rumble through.  Greg had a long list of tasks to accomplish for the weekend, since he would be gone for the next two days.  I know because I found his list on the kitchen counter, with most items crossed through, but on that list was not “Big Red Box.”  So, this morning, the Big Red Box stood empty in the kitchen, but expectant Newf faces pointed in its direction as soon as breakfast dishes were cleaned.

There are things in the pantry that are important, but nothing more important in a good Newf’s perspective than the Big Red Box.  It is like the kitchen water faucet, something comes out every time you ask for it.  At least, failure is very, very rare.  But this morning was one of those times.  I offered small cookies in appeasement, but even after several of those, there were still questioning expressions.  I gave one more small cookie and said “Last one.”  That seemed to be accepted, but still not without some disappointment.

Even my “spare” resources were empty after this weekend.  After all, Jade had been a very good girl.  At this point, going to town became a priority.  I didn’t want to fall out of good graces with my Newfoundlands.  Parker sensed the “movement” and headed for the door.  Jade saw Parker and wanted to be in on whatever would happen, so she made a hasty trip to add her nose to the list.  Corky was somewhere amidst Newfoundland feet.  I had intended to slip away by myself for this errand, but it’s hard to get past Parker’s instincts sometimes.  And after being left at home this weekend, I decided that he should go with me.

The clerk smiled as I went through the check-out with a single item.  She didn’t bother trying to bag it.  Two other clerks looked at me as I walked out and smiled.  I guess the secret is out.  Everyone knows how important those Big Red Boxes are.

Newfoundlands are now contented and sleeping nearby.  The world is at peace once again.

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