Over the years throughout history, unusual materials have been used as baths, soaks, skin conditioners and hair conditioners.  The list can grow long and strange.  So, perhaps this isn’t so strange:  Soybean oil.

I have no idea whether it has properties worthy of deliberate use, but as our personal chef was preparing dinner for us and a guest, he picked up a bottle of soybean oil by its top.  The Newfs were in their favorite positions, which means that choreography while navigating the kitchen is, by now, quite well-developed and rather intuitive.  This story doesn’t end with the human tripping over a Newf, it ends (rather begins) simply when the bottle cap, which was only loosely sitting atop the bottle, slipped off mid-air as it passed over Jade.  Being a good Newf and having learned the patience that a good Newf acquires when living with hoomans, she laid still but gave Greg a disquieted, puzzled expression.  She was hastened out of the house with no time for explanation while the majority of the spill, or what was remaining, was wiped off the floor.  Greg gave her a quick spot cleaning.

The next day, Sunday, she received a complete bath.  Three days later, her furnishings are still oily in appearance.  Soybean oil is remarkable stuff.  When you get a drop on an article of clothing, it doesn’t wash away easily, even after several laundry cycles.  (Dawn works pretty well.)  So, I’m beginning to wonder how many “laundry cycles” will be required for Jade’s furnishings to return to normal.  Perhaps this will have some benefit, like olive oil is rumored to help human hair.  That remains to be seen.  I don’t really want to use Dawn on her coat, with show season beginning, but may resort to a dilute solution if that becomes necessary.

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