One thing we love about our Newfs is their honesty.  Flattery would be less than honest, of course, and I would never ask such of a good Newf.  However, there is something to be said for basic courtesy, isn’t there?

I clearly need to pick up the guitar more often than 20 minutes every six months.  I know that it was that long ago because the books I used last had some spectacular fall leaves in the pages.  Jade wasn’t around then.  She was delivered by the stork (Midwest Airlines) in mid-December.

I usually have some guitar picks sitting around, and I had bought some in bright colors in the past couple of years so I could find them more easily when the mood struck.  Bright colors also appeal to Jade, so she may have assumed those were for a different purpose.

She looked at me curiously and with doubt as I removed the guitar from its stand.  As I began to tune the mysterious monster that she had previously presumed to be another inanimate piece of furniture, she got this look on her face that conveyed the feeling you might have if a corpse raised from its coffin.  (She watches too much television, but we don’t watch scary movies.)  Her jaw dropped and she froze for a split second as if she wanted to run away but she couldn’t make her feet move.  And, since she couldn’t move, frozen as a statue, she was forced to listen long enough to settle down and decide that it wasn’t a monster, not really, but some strange new behavior that she had not yet witnessed in humans.  She laid down with something to chew on, an unapproved purple tail of something that was now tailless.  I continued for a few minutes, and she kept an eye on me the entire time.  Maybe she just didn’t like my choice of music, but something tells me that she thinks I need a LOT more practice, but not while she’s in the same house.  <g>

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