written 5/25/12

(in honor of our Happy Friday Newf)

It’s a good thing my Newfs have an internal timeclock.  I tend to wake up in the morning, have my cup of coffee and begin over-filling my agenda with a list of things I want to accomplish during the day.  When that list exceeds 3 or 4, it becomes a written list, and I usually have a number of those in inventory with incompleted tasks from previous days.  If it weren’t for the reminders that Friday is approaching, who knows what could happen to all of the days and weeks and months!  <g>

Parker was in a very good mood last night.  After we got back, he ran into the house, deliberately passed his new favorite toy (Gatorade bottle this time <g>), then swung around and looked at it with surprise as if he had never seen it before, then jumped up and pounced on it with great delight!  It’s nice to have a puppy in the house still (at nearly 10.5 years)!

Happy Friday!  Pass it on!  (from the Good Humor Newf and the rest of the Bigfoot Club)

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