Posted 2/15/10

I thought he was getting a bit lazy about it – warning me that dinner needed attention.  Especially when it is his dinner, I would think he would put more effort into helping me pay attention.  But (sigh) he must have decided it was a lost cause.

After a long day in KC, I came home, started dinner and turned on the computer.  (Do you hear the word “MISTAKE” in that sentence?  <g>)  I was surprised at the number of messages in Newf-l alone.  In what seemed like only a matter of a couple of minutes, Parker came to the door and barked at me.  He had already been outside, and I had just given him fresh water.  What could he possibly want?  “OK, just another minute.”  With a little insistence from Parker, I looked up again.  “Oh!  Thank you , bud!”  (glad he’s back on the job!)

I can be good kitchen help, as long as I’m properly supervised.

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