I’m an environmentalist at heart, by nurture and training, if not by genetics.  These roots run very deep.  It has nothing to do with fad, popular science or politics.  Rather, it is a core appreciation for the beauty, the opportunity and the benefits possible through a world that is well cared-for.  We are all stewards.

So, one of the most important natural resources in this world, as it was created, is water.  I think my Newfs would agree.  There are still some sources of natural water that have an impeccable purity, a form of beauty that is unmatched by our efforts to fabricate or mimic beauty through art.  (My apologies to those who would rather study an oil painting.)

This morning, Greg forwarded a line from a Facebook post, that, as I see it, should surge to viral level at warp speed:

“Water is the most essential element of life, because without water, you can’t make coffee.”

Coffee:  the second most important natural resource on our planet!  <g>  And I thought no one knew me better than my Newfs!

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