The weather forecasts and the local meteorologists have not always been right lately.  So trying to plan a bath day has required some flexibility, with postponement. Thursday was supposed to be a nice shiny day, but the appearances overhead didn’t agree.  The terrain appeared more convincing than the map.  True to the folly of human prediction, we had rain, from steady rainfall to intermittent torrents. This followed the winter thaw, after an accumulation of all kinds of precipitation over a three week period.

Perhaps I should have been quicker to understand when Greg made the sudden reference to Banner being just like her brother.  I turned just in time to realize what that sound was, as her feet splashed back and forth through the mud puddle, only to see her lie down before either of us could form a thought.  Yes, she had walked through this puddle before, but she went down so quickly and so happily this time that it was like her legs fell out from under her, and she chose the deepest part!

Fortunately, it looks like the forecast today will be on target, at least in the lower 70s, and the Newfs will be getting baths anyway.   So, in this case, a re-enactment was due:

Banner:  I love Spring!

Banner: I love Spring!

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