A personal assistant when you have a Newf?!

They develop a full repertoire of tactical methods to get your attention.  There is the cold wet nose on a belly to help you wake up when you get out of bed.  And there is the unmistakable urging when they want to go outside, go for a walk, go for a ride, or:  go to work.  (“Hey, don’t you know it’s Monday?!”  “Let’s get this show on the road!”) Two Newfs stood in perfect body alignment pointing toward the door.  After all, they had finished their breakfast!  I may be a well-trained human, but I also have a few distraction/redirection techniques in my bag, so I picked up the ear cleaner.  Their thoughts changed at the speed of electrons through a superconductor.

I’m not as calendar-centric as the Newfs.  I may wake up on a Saturday wondering whether it is Friday or Sunday – unless I’ve been paying attention.  The Newf calendar begins on pre-Friday, known to the rest of the world as “Thursday evening”.  At this point, Banner’s enthusiasm reaches an apex.  Even when she seems to be growing up, she may have a back-lapse.  She had mostly outgrown chewing on sandals last year, but had a relapse earlier this year.  On Thursday evening (“pre-Friday”), she was beside herself with enthusiasm, and was caught enjoying the heel of one of my favorite Merrill sandals, the ones I bought on our anniversary trip up the Pacific Coast Highway.   Perhaps this is a lesson to a human:  Keep restocked on flip-flops so a Newf isn’t required to resort to more expensive forms of footwear.  It seems that I need to do some shoe-shopping, perhaps on the next trip to KC.  I like Reef sandals (and so does Banner), but the local store seems to order all sizes but mine.

Finally, I put leashes on heads, with assstance from the little one who was bouncing up and down and trying to help me align the collar to her head.  I wonder if they can’t wait to start Monday again just to experience another weekend.

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