Awww – how cute!  Maybe she thinks Alice is Santa’s helper.  Maybe she’s looking for treats in her hand.

Look closer!  Alice is carrying a CAT!

Naughty or nice is still one of her biggest decisions in town, inspired by whether that crazy black cat may appear from nowhere in an instant!  This is why she likes to walk down a certain street.  And now, instead of one crazy black cat, there are two!  Until a couple of weeks ago – there are two more who run through the park, and one who thinks he can sneak-attack a squirrel!  We’re still watching our backs.  Banner has earned her good girl points.  That poor cat hasn’t made it to the nice list yet!

At home, there is one cat to chase, and he will start the race, and there is one who is her buddy, step-by-step, especially when winter arrives.

Wishing all our four-footed friends extra snuggles and a bag full of treats!

Happy Holidays from The Bigfoot Club!  Best wishes for 2020!

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