Spring is a wonderful time for all those grazing creatures who thrive on fresh, green grass. It is tender and apparently most palatable early in the growing season, and it is abundantly nutritious. This is easily visible in horses as they age. Spring grass is a special tonic.

So, it seems, spring grass is delicious also to Newfoundlands. The lawn becomes a buffet. With this awareness, our lawn remains imperfect, with no application of broad-leaf weed treatments.

Banner has turned into a grass-muncher, like others before her. She shops the outdoor buffet for those fine tender new blades, and indulges. Fresh grass is truly wonderful stuff. When you don’t eat it, you can roll around on it, feet, ears and tongue flying in all different directions at once. There is a nice area under the canopy of the Maple tree where I can sit in the swing while she goes wild, suddenly attacked by an immediate and irresistible impulse.

Now I wonder, was she falsely accused in my previous post? Was that just another moment of splendor compelled by grass?

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