His heart is submerged in affection
As he pleads entrance into her chambers
Clawing endlessly to break the glass barrier
Dividing him from his intended

Before his heart betrays his existence
Allowing a crack to form
I open the door between them
As he rushes to his adored

With rapture pure and overflowing
He caresses her face with his
He sidles himself into her fullness
Thrusting with force of his bliss

His warm intentions considered
From the depth and abundance of love
His cherished endures his affections
With warm patience though not the same love

His expression bears beauty of intention
With pure and abiding light
Overcoming time and separation
With undying adherence through plight

For chance to reach into her warmness
And saturate feelings displayed
To be filled by her softness of presence
And beside her to gratefully stay

Yet with his warm heart so unfolding
The recipient looks for relief
As much as she enjoys her companion
His affections do not let her be free

To honor his noble intentions
I hold him with warmest embrace
Then place him behind the barrier
To give rest, each having their space

The Adored One
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