If this were a puzzle clue, we wouldn’t need to call a lifeline for help.

I thought it would happen later today, but when Banner went outside this morning, her expression looked like someone who had been surprised with the sincerest, most caring gift possible, as if the sun rose at that moment and smiled all around her. There was a lovely blanket of snow, only a few inches deep, but it was as if she didn’t think she would encounter so much joy again, ever.

It has been a warm winter so far, and a couple of weeks ago I began running the fireplace because of a few very low nights. So, inside it has been warmer than she would prefer. There are cooler places to lie, but she wants to be near.

Today however, this girl, who is usually wherever I am, sometimes within half a step or less, sometimes lying nearby in a gentle snooze, is so enamored with the wonder that if I won’t join her, she will lie indulgently in the snow and watch and listen to her surroundings without me. The dog door is getting a workout. I hear it open and close occasionally, as she comes in to check on me, to show me the splendor by her expression and hope to entice me to join her. I get to share a taste of the joy by the cold wet face on my jeans. Within a short time, she is lying in the snow again, not distracted for a moment by any concern.

When she first went out, she ate as much as she could hold, but unlike her food dish, there is no stopping point. And speaking of dinner, there is a smell that is beginning to reprioritize her interests, with some conflict. Should she trust me to supervise myself in the kitchen?

She has laid down near me again for a while, and all of the snow that had accumulated on top and all that stuck on the bottom is now very wet. Since the humidifier isn’t keeping up, that won’t last long. And her being inside won’t last long either.

Hoping that all Newfs in the snow zone are enjoying their Saturday. And that all of their humans are tucked in warmly tonight.

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