What kind of dog looks like Bigfoot?

In 2005, we got our first one-ton van for traveling with Newfs. On the back, I added the sign, “Exclusive Transportation for Members of The BigFoot Club.” This van has traveled from the west coast to the east coast, as well as north and south. A few years ago, I discovered that AKC had set up a page about what dogs look most like Bigfoot. Perhaps a Leonberger, a Newfoundland relative, would come close. I also looked at the search results returned by Google and didn’t see anything similar, but the silhouette of Bigfoot walking a dog was charming.

The BigFoot Club was named for a different reason:

Last week, there were some site changes, so the old blog page now has only a cropped image of Banner: https://thebigfootclub.com/bigfootclub/. This photo is the one used to create the thumbnail for the web page tabs. Image pasted below also. More than one Newfoundland has been mistaken for a bear, but could a Newfoundland be mistaken for Bigfoot? You can decide.

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