Bubbles has come home for another visit, and when he comes home, he wants to be received enthusiastically, with a lot of petting.  He even waited on the bench by the back door for a long time in the cold for us to come back outside after I got home the night before last.  I don’t really know whether he was waiting for me or the dogs.  This time, he has taken on taming the Newfs.  He is a bit like Roadway, in that he will allow a certain amount of chase, with the confidence that a Newf can’t catch him.  He borders on inciting chase, which was Roadway’s habit.  But he also sits perfectly still while a mesmerized little Newfoundland girl can’t believe that she can get so close to a cat.  She is breathless, and frozen in her posture and doesn’t seem to know what to do.  He is also working on the Boston Terrier, and has long since tamed Parker, mostly.  Parker’s tail still goes up, but he doesn’t harass Bubbles, only greets him.

Bubbles is, as I’ve said before, a gregarious fellow.  He is very talkative, very sociable and loves to be petted.  However, now I’m suspicious that he is more interested in the interaction with the Newfs than he is in being petted by me.  Yesterday, he was even waiting at the office door in the evening.  (He must have a sense of time like Parker.)  Greg picked us up, and had Corky with him, so there were two Newfs, a Boston Terrier, and a cat with us.  Bubbles rode in my lap and fully enjoyed the ride back to the house. 

I wonder how long he will stay this time.  We do appreciate his visits.  <g>

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