Walrus Barking


Tater’s got her Wild Thing on!  This begins with the first hint of cool weather.  That is to say, she thinks winter is Newfie Heaven.  Now any time that she’s had a good nap, it’s time to play again, and she’s always the first to wake up.

The Newfs have actually been very good.  Parker has been threatened with coal in his Christmas bag a couple of times, but he’s really been a very good boy, most of the time.  <g>  He seems to sense that celebration is approaching.  Jade simply thinks any opportunity for a party is a good thing.  She’s sass-talking, swinging, boxing and Ninja-dancing over Parker to get him into a lightweight brawl.  Then he starts wrestling and sounding the trumpets, too.  It’s sort of a choir, with an array of sounds that begins with tuff-talk barking and culminates in competition barking, at a loud volume. 

I’ve been busily working on Christmas presents for Newfs.  Have several stuffed toys and a list of treats to prepare.  I found a cute pair of socks a couple of weeks ago, nice thick, soft cushy ones with snowmen sewn into the top.  Those may appeal to kids too, but I was sure that I would score points on texture, color and elasticity with the Newfs, so there will be one for each.  And guess which one the other will want?!

There haven’t been any exciting toys at the stores I’ve shopped so far this year.  No Wild Cat Balls, no talking duck puppets – only a Tickle Me Elmo, but I don’t have the nerve to spend that much on a toy that won’t survive the day.  Parker brought out the talking duck puppet a couple of days ago.  He likes the noisy ones, and I took this as a reminder.  Tomorrow I’ll visit Toys R Us and see what may trigger some extra enthusiasm.  Jade likes the quiet, dangly ones, so she’s easier to shop for.

I talked to one lady who had gotten her dog a Zhu-Zhu pet and was looking for a hamster ball to put it in.  Any other creative ideas out there for under-the-tree Newf toys?

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