Written 11/30/09

Greg had to be out of town last night, but he packed so quickly that Parker didn’t notice. It was also dinnertime, so the Newfs were in the kitchen with me with so much anticipation for their dinner being prepared that they were not observing Greg.

When I went to bed, a very worried boy parked himself in front of the bedroom door and waited, and waited. Then he got on the bed with me and faced the door, and he began making worry sounds. Parker is a firm believer that we all need to be together at bedtime. He must have not even noticed that Greg left with his suitcase. Greg was moving pretty quickly. So, I think he had no clue that this wasn’t just a trip to town. Usually, when he sees the packing in progress, he acts bummed, and he worries a little differently. I think this time it caught him off-guard.

He finally went to sleep, and he has been joyful and playful this morning, but he is back in the bedroom, at the door facing out. Fortunately this will be a short trip.

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