From where the house sits, during the winter we have a lovely view along the small road that crosses the creek, then rises and curves over a hill.  Any view that is snow-covered is charming, but the road is particularly visible, adding some contrast, along with the trees to the landscape.

This morning, the lovely little Newfoundland girl was joyous.  She must have been wondering what happened to the fun in winter, but today she got to experience her favorite form of winter joy:  Snow!

At every opportunity (every time the back door was opened), she went outside.  When I let them out for the second or third time, Parker walked off to take care of business, and Jade walked toward the view of the road.  She stood motionless, in the kind of stack that you try to reproduce during a show, with her head held high and her attention fully engaged with something ahead.  When I looked in the direction of her gaze from my view, through a window inside the house, a snow plow was coming toward us along the road, spraying a wave of snow toward the side as it plowed.  Jade told it very firmly to “Go away!”  The beast didn’t listen and continued down the road toward the house.  She continued to watch as it passed, trying to make sense of this situation.  In Jade’s mind, there is no doubt that a villain is a beast who takes away the snow!  <g>

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