One of the most welcoming familiar sounds of spring when we go for walks in town is the sound of the song played by the ice cream truck.  It is a happy familiar melody, for the first time, and maybe the second.  [“Do your ears hang low”]  Then it is one of those pieces of music that can be hard to get out of your head once you hear it!

With the dogs at home, hearing the ice cream truck today felt a bit like cheating, but I had many errands to run, some long, some short.  Not that they would mind, but going for a ride wouldn’t have been as much fun today as it may have sounded.

As I drove home, kids were also walking home from school.  The track team was practicing.  A little girl in blue jeans was taking her skateboard out for a warmup.  The weather has been fabulous, warm enough to make me happy, cool enough to keep the Newfs comfortable.  Flowers that usually bloom in May have come and gone.  Daffodils emerged before the end of January and were in bloom in early Feb.  Grape hyacinths showed up after the daffodils were gone, the Guinivere’s butterfly bush is thriving, the lilac bush has already blossomed and the trees have leaves.  And it isn’t even past the frost warning.  In fact, the snowball bush had flowers for Easter.  Other than a little confusion in the timing of things, it has been a very lovely spring.  There have been enough rains that the creeks are full and flowing well.  The fragrance of the Sycamores is drifting up from the creek toward the house in the evenings.  The pastures are very green, leaving some hay speculators grumbling and some farmers happy, and some cows even happier.

I came back and wanted to find a link to the music to include in this post, and was surprised to see how many people had been stirred to think about the music from the ice cream truck, and how many versions of ice cream truck music there were!  And to find that some communities had banned the music!  Gee, what a deprivation!  Or not, depending on your perspective, which can be subject to change.  And there sure are a lot of perspectives in this world, about any range of topics!  Right now, my perspective is centered around some Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia.  The ice cream in that product is good, but it is primarily a medium, something that you can dig through to find the real prizes – the incredibly delectible cherries and the intoxicating chunks of chocolate.  Time to go home.  I wonder if some Newfs are ready for some human company!

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