Needless to say, but the weather change has been favorable from Jade’s perspective.

Upon leaving the last show, it began pouring down rain before I connected the trailer, and my raincoat, and emergency raincoat, were both at home.  That morning had begun at around 70 with sunshine, but on our way to class, there were a few clouds in the sky and the cold wind was beginning, with rain in the forecast.  I didn’t want to waste any prep time connecting the trailer, but paid for that afterward!  After changing clothes and doing a last walk-around with the rain pouring at what seemed like negative something Farenheit, and after changing clothes again, I pulled out.  A nice gentleman motioned to me that the scissors jacks were still down in the rear!  What we don’t see when we look at things with our eyes closed!

After I got home, I remembered that there was an emergency poncho in the van!

All I could think about was stew, hot and fresh, with the aroma of beef, tomato and basil, and how warm it would feel to get a tummy full of stew.  The only problem with that plan was that it would take two hours to make, and since Greg was home ill with the flu, the cook would have to be me after we got back.  A restaurant was beginning to sound better.

Meanwhile, I was the only one in the van bemoaning the weather change.  That morning, Jade had spotted some Bouviers being taken out to relieve themselves, while she and Parker were on the way for the same purpose.  As we passed about 30’ away, one of the Bouviers lept into the air at the same time his owner pulled him toward her.  It was bad timing, and the poor dog landed on his side.  Jade had been watching for a sign of encouragement, and she was ready to rumble!  She makes me think of a Shania Twain ad for the Superbowl:  She was there to party!  She and her littermate had played like that constantly while I was there to look at her.  When she came home, she lost her playmate, and even now when she sees a black ball of fuzz, her hopes sail high!  She was bouncing around like a Newfoundland on a pogo stick in great delight.  I pulled her on toward her destination while the Bouviers continued to their corner of the relief area.

Arriving home, she went out to assess the yard and find the kittens.  The cold weather certainly pulls her trigger.  She wants to go outside at night multiple times, and she isn’t in a hurry to come back inside.  With the wind coming from the north, it was a long cold wait.

The Boston Terrier seems to be on my side, as when he races to the potty yard and back, and I ask “Did you poop?”, he looks to the side and lets out a fast and furious “pffftt!”  It begs the consideration whether “pffftt!” in Boston Terrier language is a form of explicative.  With his little bullet-shaped body, he raced back out to finish his business, then straight back to be let inside the house to the nearest air handling vent where warm air was blowing.

This morning, there are signs of “life returning to normal” (human perspective), with highs near 60 for several days.  The mornings are still filled with the wonder of chill, so we’re both getting some glee time each day.  She’s about to lose trust again from the cats, though, because she has gauged that they are agile and quick and she is looking for a playmate still.  Everybody seems happy.  Parker has enthusiasm and is also staying outside more, and the first thing he did when we got back was pick up the Squatty Chick and look for someone who would take the bait.  He’s also back on schedule, as he did this on pre-Friday also.  Yesterday was his Accupuncture day, and when we got there, he was too excited to be still.  To get the Newfs onto a floor scale, I say “Table” as if it were a grooming table or any other item that I wanted them to get onto.  This also tells them to get on and stay in place until I request that they move, but Parker was too excited.  He kept getting on, getting off and getting on again.  Humans can’t keep up or do things fast enough sometimes!

Well, the holiday season is approaching, and in the eyes of Newfs, it is the most wonderful time of the year!  A time to celebrate, appreciate the chill in the air and enjoy each other’s company.

Happy pre-Thanksgiving to all.

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