The Newfs and I have been talking.  Well, actually Parker has been doing most of the talking.  Sometimes he thinks that’s necessary, or that I’m hard of hearing.  <g>  Could be both.

But each year we talk about Christmas, and Santa, and being good.  Today we talked about the difference between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Parker seemed to think that he knew all about it, but Jade looked interested, as if she needed more information, so I proceeded.  After all, the Newfs may find it confusing that we begin celebrating some days earlier, with humans leaving the house and coming back smelling like food and carrying Christmas packages.  It may make things even more confusing because Newfs are allowed to open one package before Christmas.  (but that one’s special)  With Christmas Eve starting on a Monday, preceded by a Friday Christmas dinner, and humans going out by themselves on Saturday evening, and Newfs not having opened Christmas presents yet, it seemed like a good subject for discussion, to be sure that we were all on the same page.  The Newfs have been practicing for Christmas for several weeks now, being fuller of good cheer than usual.  The humans have been later than ever this year putting up the Christmas signals, like the wreath on the door, and the Christmas cards.  (Humans get lazier each year about how much goes up then comes back down too.)  And only yesterday did the humans finally get around to playing Christmas music at home.  Actually, it began in the grooming room while two Newfs had pre-Christmas baths.

Today, the shuffle for pre-Christmas Christmas music reached the ones that have always made me especially happy, the ones that make me dance with Newfs.  These were new when Banker was a puppy, and he always brought out the most joy in everything.  Parker was raised by Banker, and he inherited that spirit of joy as well.  He’s also one of the quiet leaders, the ones that you don’t realize have the final say because he finds ways to deal with situations that don’t escalate controversy.  One thing that I have noticed again recently is that when it is time to release Newfs to eat breakfast or dinner, he backs way through the kitchen door into the next room.  He knows what is coming next, and he wishes that Jade and Corky would pay more attention!  (then things would go a little faster)

Yesterday, the Newfs got to open their special present, and once again, the Toy Master scored:  big soft balls in the form of Angry Birds that made really, really good noises!  Wrapped in Newf delight, a cardboard box was opened jointly until the presents were discovered, then enjoyed further once the toys had been played with.  They do their part toward recycling!  (getting extra value out of the packaging before it went into the bin)

Now two lovely good Newfs are lying in front of me, Parker complaining because the Giant Kong is too big for him to get his mouth around it, having retrieved it from Jade who had swiped the Giant Kong in a rather slick maneuver.  Now with full tummies, they’re getting kind of nappy.  What wonderful Christmas blessings!

Wishing the best to everyone for Christmas, and a New Year that is filled with joy, growth and reward.

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