On a cloudy day . . .

I checked NOAA this morning, and the high was scheduled for 64 degrees, followed soon by cooler weather and rain/snow. When the outdoor air has lower humidity, it is always easier to dry a Newf after a bath. The objectives list has been toppling over, but this was a matter of timing and opportunity. The decision to be made is always which Newf to bathe first. Parker needs more frequent baths to control itching, but Jade’s coat takes the longest to bathe and dry, and I did want them to be DRY. Getting them dry after a bath helps keep them cleaner and keeps bacteria and fungi growth down where the skin would otherwise be damp.

This time, I decided that Jade would be the first recipient of the spa treatment. Parker came in and laid down for a nap, not entirely happy that he didn’t get the first bath.

Finally, both Newfs were clean again. I put bathing stuff away and took them to the house. With a little work left that needed attention at the office, I made a quick exit, still wearing rubber boots and damp sweats, playing the odds of not getting caught that late in the day. As I closed the door, a dismayed little girl face let out a sad-sounding complaint. It seems that Miss Optimism doesn’t need much repetition of things she likes to before she decides that those things should be expected. After a bath, shouldn’t she be going for a ride? Maybe that’s why they like baths so much now. ; )

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