Continuing with stories of uniqueness, let me add another for Jade.

Jade has a lovely snore.  It’s not too loud, rather gentle and pleasant.  She sleeps and waits for me to work, so between times we can “do things”.  When I am “behind the gun” at work, she takes long naps in the mornings and afternoons.  She would much rather be “doing things” outside, and if I let her sleep too much without sufficient activity, well, there are consequences.  Perhaps that is because she is acting upon her dreams, if her dreams include unlimited energy, agility and the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

For the most part, she is engaging company, and when we walk on leash, she assumes “her” position immediately next to my left leg.  This used to be Parker’s position.  That was a hard adjustment for him, so we take separate walks occasionally so all can be right with the world once more.

When a little girl gets plenty of exercise and entertainment, she sleeps soundly, except . . .  Have you ever been awakened by your own snoring?  When she sleeps on her side, I’ve seen her rest a front foot in her mouth and sleep with her mouth open.  I’ve been trying to understand this.  She isn’t a thumb-sucker, and she tilts her paw so that two or three pads fit into her mouth.  I think she is doing this to keep her snore from disturbing her sleep!  Sometimes I think there are longer gaps between snores, but I don’t think it is enough to qualify as sleep apnea.  (I wonder what veterinarians have already been busy designing CPAP machines for dogs!)

When she’s awake and she wants to communicate audibly, she can use these same faculties to make a similar sound, a reverberation like the MGM lion.  This may be part of a yawn or a sound used to indicate some impatience.

I do enjoy their unique traits.  This is another memorable “Jade thing”.


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