The Party’s-Over Blues

At the close of a fulfilling week, it was time to repack the bags, put away the crates and rugs, load the luggage carrier and move back out of the hotel room.  At the first indication of packing, a little girl Newfoundland, lying and watching every movement, displayed a pensive expression.  Surely we weren’t planning to leave this Newfie mecca!

One of the many things that I had learned from Banker was that Newfies recognize each other at events such as dog shows.  He could spot other Newfs from far across a grooming room.  His reaction was similar to someone attending a high school reunion and seeing a childhood friend, or of someone attending a family reunion and seeing a cousin from a distant area.  It is no different for Parker or Jade.  From the moment it became apparent to the Newfs that we were going on a trip, they had been excited.  By Friday, Parker didn’t want to let me out of his sight.  Jade was so excited that the night before we left, she could hardly sleep.  During the week we were in the hotel, she was wide awake early in the mornings and she was so thrilled to be there that she could hardly stop panting.  We set the thermostat at 64 during the nights, added a blanket (and one wasn’t enough) and listened to her panting as we went to sleep.  Eventually, she would drift off and begin snoring.

Each day was filled with the sights and sounds of Newfs and happy people.  Each elevator ride was thrilling.  The Newfs would walk inside the elevator, turn around and listen as we passed each floor until the door opened.  Then, like Magic!, we were in another dimension, on a different plane.  Upon a return, they would check the smells at the bottoms of each hotel room door as they passed until we arrived at our room.  Sometimes Jade would stop too soon.  I would say “Use your nose” like when we play Stick in the yard, and she would continue to our room.

It was very warm during the days in Frankenmuth, much too warm for her comfort, but the nights were cool, at least in the hotel room.  At home, we were having a blizzard – snow in May!  Greg sent a photo and said, “Don’t tell Jade.”  If she had to choose between being at a Newf party and snow, I think she would still choose the Newf party, but it wouldn’t be an easy choice.

I sat outside with them for a while one evening, and she thought she spotted her littermate.  She was instantly enamored and wanted to play, but she’s a bit (or more) of an Ellie May.  When she plays, she comes alive on all fours and she can bounce like Tigger.  The other Newf looked at her and she realized that it wasn’t her littermate.  At nearly five, she still misses the full enjoyment of their nonstop rough and tumble play.  Neither Parker nor I are good substitutes when it comes to the kind of play that she thinks is fun.

We saw many “distant relatives” over the week, and we renewed acquaintances and saw many familiar and distant familiar friends.

With a healing sore on one front foot in an area of pressure, Parker attended the National using some unconventional bandaging.  After two months of different methods, his sore had begun to heal in the two weeks prior to the National.  It was at least 1/3 healed, with a change in bandaging twice per day, plus every time he decided to remove that annoying bandage.  I took extra supplies, but on some days, the bandaging had to be re-applied 4 or 5 times.  A couple of kind people shared some vet wrap and some bandaging supplies, so I didn’t need to drive to Birch Run for supplies.  Plus, I got a few extra rolls of vet wrap from Whitman’s Sharpening Service, and stopped for more at PetsMart on the way through Fort Wayne, along with another stop for more duct tape.  By this time, I had tried several brands, but found that the one at PetsMart was heavier and stayed in place better.  I went back to using surgical tape, along with duct tape, to keep the bandage from rotating.  By this time, the process was a familiar routine.  I gave up on “pretty” and settled for what worked the best.  This meant tape around the top and bottom of the bandaging, so he couldn’t simply pull it off over the end of his foot (and he could do that very quickly).  The bandage had to be loose enough to not affect circulation, and the duct tape made it harder for him to remove.  Enough vet wrap had to be exposed to prevent moisture buildup under the bandaging, but a piece of duct tape placed under his foot made a heavier surface under the inner pad.  The duct tape stuck well to the vet wrap, so when he dismantled the bandaging, he often had to remove it in sections.

When he was left alone, he wore the Party Hat, but he could still remove the bandaging!  (Never underestimate the determination of a Newfoundland.  That was in the top ten list in the rule book that comes with your first Newfoundland.)

Jade watched and waited, having assumed the worst (that we were leaving), and wore the Party’s-Over-Blues expression.  At some point, it seemed to occur to her that we were going back home, not just leaving Newfie mecca, and that would be fun and exciting too.  The drive home was quiet, with Newfs sleeping contentedly, except for the several times when Parker woke and removed his bandage.

This morning she slept at length, tired from all of the energy discharged during the previous week.  When she woke, she realized that the Party was over again, but then that ornery little black cat appeared, and soon breakfast was underway.  Life was good again.  She has slept most of the day in the office, snoring lightly, while Parker has an internal debate about whether or not to leave his bandage alone.

Ah, it’s good to be home, too!

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