written 6/4/10

Yesterday morning, I was ill.  Went to work for a little while in the afternoon, came back, took the Newfs out, made Newf dinner and went to bed on the sofa.  I have been walking Jade twice each day for the past few days, and she was barely able to contain herself.  I did play Stick with both of them for a little while in the evening, but that wasn’t quite enough.  As I was trying to go to sleep, she brought a wet stuffie to my face and tried to entice me to play.  And, she gave me the paw, more than once.  She was trying to be gentle and arouse some play, but as I said, she could barely contain her enthusiasm.  At some point during the night, she brought me her Kong.  She has never played with it that much, but it kept her attention a little longer.  This morning, I got up, stepped across Jade who was lying next to me and had “coffee” (Dr. Pepper now) and looked back at the sofa.  There had been a toy parade during the night.  Directly underneath where my head was, there was a pile on the floor – the Fish, a Valentine candy toy, a bird (her first Welcome Home toy) and the Kong, along with my socks, unchewed.

Yesterday morning, her “find” was a wet washcloth.  She trotted in carrying it with pride.  She likes the kind of toys that she can dangle, like carrying the Fish by its fin.

This is my little girl, the one who was first “Sweet Tater” then “Mashed Tater” then “Smashed Tater”, who can sometimes be delicately sweet and crawl in your lap, and other times be a Newf on a pogo stick, a tightly coiled pogo stick that springs first in one direction, then another.

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