Written 6/21/10

Last night, I was putting laundry into the washer, and the little Boston Terrier was watching with some interest.  He can be a very good little boy, and lately he has been very good, listening well, even outside off-leash, and enjoying his time here on planet Earth.  His world had become very comfortable, and he was content to the point of vulnerability.  Unintentionally, I bumped the sponge mop that was propped in the hamper frame to finish drying.  It unwedged and teetered down menacingly toward a little BT who was caught off guard.  <g>

He quickly went into Dog Alarm Mode, where he begins barking with a fierce little voice non-stop.  Any other dog who could smell Parker’s pee outside and hear Corky barking would be very confused.  ; )  I wasn’t able to convince him that the mop was neither a monster or an alien, so I stepped outside the Corky barricade to the laundry area and barked at it with him.  I’m not sure to which extent he was confused or amused, but it seemed to make him understand that he had gotten his point across, so we could both settle back into our lulls.

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