Yesterday I was in a hurry and didn’t stop to look at the mail after I picked it up.  There were some flyers, something that looked like a catalog and also what I thought was one of my business publications in a plastic cover.  (Silly girl!)

Rushing from task to task, to home, to potty dogs, to do this, that and the other before leaving for class, I left the mail on the counter for examination later.  After I got back from class, the dogs had to be taken care of, and the outdoor creatures, then we could retreat inside for the evening away from the recent barrage of heat.  At our house, the responsibility must always be assumed by the newest member of the group (Newfs) for supervising while I’m cooking their dinner.  Jade hasn’t quite caught onto that yet.  <g>  Once I open a Newf Tide, time doesn’t actually stop while I go through page after page, cover to cover, so I count on a little help.  In addition to dinner, I was once again boiling 18 eggs for the rest of the week.  At about the time the water from the eggs began to sizzle and pop, I realized that Jade was not yet fully acquainted with her new duties.  Jumping up, hopping over dogs in a state of alarm, who were so taken by surprise that they stayed down (fortunately,) I rescued the eggs without serious harm.  (Parker will be relieved.)

Maybe those things should come with warnings on the covers!  (or perhaps I need to actually set the timer on the microwave!)

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