Monday was another busy day.  Greg worked late and stopped at the office on his way home.  I convinced him to take the dogs to the house with him then finished some tasks and went home to join them.  The dogs would be getting hamburgers tonight, so I thawed the meat and started cooking the burgers in a skillet.  Meat for dogs is best lightly cooked, not overcooked.  Next I started the vegetables, then picked up the new stack of mail on the counter.  There was the usual spam mail, a bill and some catalogs.  But wait!  That last item wasn’t a catalog – it was the new issue of Newf Tide!

We all know that the world comes to a halt when the Newf Tide arrives.  That is, except Banner, who wasn’t informed that it was now her responsibility to watch the burgers.  In her defense, she did seem a bit confused when they began sizzling, and she looked toward me, sitting on the sofa in the living room.  That was enough of a cue for me to jump up and flip the burgers.  I haven’t yet taught the Newfs how to do this.  I continued for 2 or 3 pages more, then turned the burner off.  Fortunately the microwave has a timer.

Jade waited patiently as dinner cooled, but Banner checked occasionally to see if I was still paying attention.  It’s not that they lose confidence, but that they learn that we (or at least I) need to be supervised, or so I tell myself.

I had reached the pages where the regional specialty photos were, checked some photos of dogs who were winning recently, admired Jade’s BOS photo from last fall then stopped to put food in the dishes before continuing to the reports section.  I told Jade that if she hadn’t fooled around so much at the water tests, her picture could have been there too.  She smiled and didn’t seem bothered at all.  Maybe this year.  She’s already been swimming twice, but it’s too cold to convince Greg to get in the water with her.  Good thing I can say that I can’t swim!  <g>  Banner went in twice, but decided that we must be crazy, until I threw the bumper for Jade again.  Maybe we will have two photos in the water tests section next year.  (or perhaps we will just swim for the many benefits of swimming)

What a supreme delight to find the Newf Tide, a nice random reward for checking the real mailbox.

If you’re not an NCA member, but you love to read about Newfoundlands or just look at hundreds of photos, here is a link to a form for subscribing:

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