written 2/7/14, three days after losing Parker

I’m still in the dumps.  Don’t want to talk with anyone, or leave the house, or (to be perfectly honest) shower and put on something other than sweats right now.  But today is Friday, and Jade is equally in the dumps, so I decided to make an effort to make the dogs happier.  I gave them some treats and a boiled egg, and I let Jade lie outside while Banner was in the exercise pen.  After I brought them back in, I was still in the dumps, and so was Jade.  I thought about visiting my sister last Nov., and was wishing that I were there, playing cards and drinking hot tea.  I thought about my Mom and how she could use her kitchen to create joy.  My sister is out of the country now on a Peace Corps assignment.  She left in Jan. & won’t be back for two years.  She is good at baking treats and making candies.  I have barely enough motivation under normal circumstances to put a mix in a bowl with water, oil and an egg.  But, it makes the house smell warm and comfortable, and I had an apple spice mix in the cabinet.  I had a conference call at 4 p.m., and the cake was to come out at about 4:10.  I’ve been working from home for the past couple of days.  So, I took the call, with the phone on its speaker, and lo and behold, at 4:05 p.m., my little girl with the big, strong voice spoke up!  I first gave her the shush and pointed for her to stop.   She uses her voice at times in ways that she shouldn’t, and she ARGUES!  (That’s not a foreign concept for a Newf, it’s just that her voice is extra strong.)  So, I thought she was complaining because I had put her in her crate for the call.  Then I realized that, like Banker and Parker, perhaps I have another kitchen monitor!

Greg had placed the griddle with the wooden handle in the oven for storage (!), where he leaves a couple of cast iron skillets.  I rarely use the oven, and consistently forget to remove those.  So first, there was a bad smell in the house as I realized that there was something in the oven that was scorching.  (the finish on the wood)  I don’t recall whether she barked then, but she easily assessed the alarm as I pulled the hot items out of the oven.

Now I am worried that I corrected her for barking when she was responding to something that I want her to respond to!  Banker and Parker both had a keen sense for the smell of “doneness”.  Banker learned quickly that I needed assistance paying attention to things that were cooking.  Parker would let me know before his hamburger was browning.  I don’t think he liked that taste.  The boys also knew when other foods were approaching that state.  I hadn’t realized that there was something universal about the aroma of “doneness” until then.

I wrote Greg an email about the wooden handle scorching, and reminded him that the kitchen monitor was not here any longer.  Now, though, I’m excited and hopeful, and if I get another chance, conference call or not, I will be jumping up and down with happiness and giving out a lot of treats!

Since most of what I’ve written this week has been rather depressing, thought I would share this with you.  My goal is to incorporate more of Parker’s approach to life, to see and help others find the happy things in life.

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