posted 7/23/11

Yesterday was a very busy day, as many are, but yesterday was the one day for this weekend where I could get a little work done at home and prep dogs for travel. We made a 1-day trip to Topeka on Friday to visit family on one side, and today we are on our way to visit family on the other side.

It was hot again yesterday.  The weather has been in the 90s & even reaching 100 some days since early in June.  Our lawn barely reached full growth before it began to go into dormancy.  To keep odor from being a problem, we water the potty yard almosy daily.  The grass is still healthy under the shaded part of the yard, but some of the yard feels more like a western Kansas buffalo grass lawn in summer.  There is the sound of crunching as you walk across it.

A lot of my work was outside, and it was hard to drink enough liquid to keep up with the loss.

Late in the afternoon, I walked to the mail box and collected the mail.  And then it happened!  The world stopped and stood still for a little while!  I got my Newf Tide.

Jade’s sire was one of the ROMs.  I looked through all of those hard-earned VNs and saw that there were 25 this year.  These are annnounced at the National, but the Newf Tide has details.  Two sires dominated the pedigrees of the VN Newfs:  Seabrook Steppin Out at Poohbear and (are you listening name withheld who has a puppy from this sire?)  Midnite Bay’s Smart Asset (also Banker’s sire).

Donna (no bias whatsoever <g>)

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