The Newfs are sleeping it off again.  They are genuinely asleep, with Banner propped belly-up along a wall..  Greg will walk in at any moment and say, “What did you do to those dogs!”. ; )

The household is at peace.  It is a nice quiet evening, as I sit on the sofa, also recuperating.  This morning’s trip to the lake was Jade’s (belated) birthday party.  Both girls got to do a lot of swimming.  Banner really wanted to tow in a couple of retirees floating on colorful air mattressea, but consented when instructed to “Leave it” and “Come”.  She’s very helpful, you know.

After returning home, both girls had baths, because Mom insists on baths after trips to the lake.  It was perfect weather conditions this afternoon for drying a Newf quickly:  blazing hot mid-day during a drought.  (A car in front of us was spraying the windshield with cleaner, and it went over the top of the car and vaporized in a split second, long before droplets could reach our vehicle.)

Other than the swim party, the girls would no doubt move in with Lin for a while if they could get to Alaska.

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