As the sun sets on another layer of black fog hovering across the floor . . .

Also known as “coat turnover” or “blowing coat”:  Jade NEVER “blows coat” – she sheds a little at a time and not much.  I’ve been counting my blessings over the years because she has more coat than any other Newf I’ve had.  Last year at the end of summer she did some shedding, more than she had previously but not that much.  This year, WOW!  And it has been going on for around a month.  And from the sounds of things, this is happening for Newfs at multiple points on the globe simultaneously.

I wonder whether anyone has made a down comforter out of Newf “down”.  It is incredibly soft and plush, compressible with full resilience.  After combing out a mound of it as big as a Newf, it can be shoved into a small plastic trash bag.  My old Twinco rake is getting a lot of use again!  It pulls out the loose undercoat nicely, but there will be more coming out the next day, and the next.  And when she seems relatively naked (for Jade), there is still more coming out!

I need to start talking with her about reversing this trend for the shows next month!

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