O. B. Streperous lives here!

It’s Friday!  And, did you know?!  It’s C-O-L-D outside!

With the North wind blowing hard and the sun shining, two Newfs are ready to party!

Two lovely Newfs went to work with me today, but two bored Newfs prompted an early closing of the business day.  It is Halloween, so I decided to bake some snacks for Newfs.  It seemed like a good time to put the rumors to the test about how wonderful those salmon cookies are.  Of course, it would be better to use the oven more often, so I could remember that Greg keeps the griddle with the wooden handle in there.  With a heavy layer of smoke once again fogging the upper 12″ or so of the ceiling, I placed the cookie sheet in the oven and set the timer.  I left the kitchen and told Jade that she was in charge.  She must have taken me seriously because she laid across the floor at the bottom of the oven and didn’t move until she was sure that it was time to open the oven door.  The Newfs were suddenly being patient and quiet, anticipating good things to come.  Somewhere lower, in the range of visibility, noses could detect the aroma of salmon.  I have their full attention now!

The cookies have been placed on top of the stove for cooling, and the Newfs are still quiet.  This is a remarkable change from a short time earlier, when one lovely young lady had donned the cape of invincibility, the one labeled “O. B. Streperous”.  With Halloween being on a Friday, and the north wind moving in, there was no way to restrain its powers.  It would be a daring move for anyone to knock on our door with the phrase “Trick or Treat”, especially that rascally terrier mix down the road.  I don’t think the girls will be willing to share.


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