For years I’ve been less than pleased with the efforts of those competing for Christmas sales.  Often the Christmas decorations are out before Halloween.  However, as is sometimes the case, I’ve learned something from another Newf.  She begins celebrating the holiday season, experiencing a seasonal joy, at around the same time – the advent of pre-winter chill.  I don’t think she sees the television ads, since the cable was accidentally turned off in June (permanently) at the house when I had it added to the cabin, and we just started watching television in the cabin a week or two ago.  And she doesn’t go shopping with me, since Walmart and the grocery stores don’t allow dogs to shop.  So, that slow dawn of awakening has once again caught up with me:  there is something about the weather change and the coming of the holidays that is inspiring.  There probably ARE people who like to do seasonal shopping beginning in October.

Jade likes to open packages.  Parker taught her about this, and now opening boxes is her delight, if not her passion.  I’ve noticed an escalation in her interest in the past few weeks.  Everything in box form catches her interest, even if it is one intended for recycling, or a box sitting on a table, instead of a new package.  Finally!, a package arrived by “Santa” (UPS).  It didn’t look much like the kind of boxes that have fun inside, but to an especially eager Newf, it still held promise.  So, she helped me open the box for the new ex pen.  ; )  Another package had come earlier, but it had fragile contents, so I had to substitute an empty box.

Every day she is happy and enthusiastic.  She is eager to play, follows Greg around outside in a gait, and looks to other farm inhabitants for someone who shares her enthusiasm.  Banner would gladly take her on, but then things turn ballistic!

I don’t like being rushed into the holiday season when it comes to shopping, but, as in Peter Pan, I hope I’m not so much an Adult that I miss some of the opportunity for the joy in the coming of the season.  Anticipation is part of the fun in any event!

It is terribly painful to see a joy-filled Newf be disappointed, so this weekend I’ll do some shopping and wrap some presents for her to open with “good stuff” inside, and let her teach Banner about this particular joy of the season.  Banner isn’t yet aware that this is a recurring celebration.  But today, we will celebrate Thanksgiving.  We will enjoy Thanksgiving dinner, a day when everyone gets to have full tummies and good food.  And we will enjoy each other’s company, and I’ll be Thankful, again, for the love and joy in the company of these beautiful, warm, heart-filled creatures.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Video of a favorite present from when Jade was one year old:



Update 12/3/14:

I ordered some extra pieces to a new stoneware set, which arrived without notice in three boxes – that is, without notice except to Jade, who was delighted that “Santa” had been here.  She helped with opening one of the boxes.  Fortunately the packing was very good!

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