It’s a lovely 2nd day of the New Year in the outskirts of the Ozarks, nice enough to make a Newf happy and nice enough for a human to enjoy a walk with the Newfs still.  The sun is setting, and the day has been brilliant.

As we walked down the road, Banner was saying, “Can’t you make this thing (the three of us) go any faster?”, with Jade in a gait and me in a fast walk saying “Back!”, as the little girl sprung backward into position, then surged forward again immediately.  It’s not always easy to walk multiple dogs, who have multiple “comfort speeds”, while keeping up enough that we all get our exercise and at the same time trying to combat a native habit of “speeding”.  This isn’t my first rodeo, and I’m just determined to succeed as Banner is.  However, it is nice to have this problem as opposed to the other – one who is reluctant.

At the end of the year, my laptop is suffering from the same issue I am:  it’s “waistline” is getting snug.  So, I took this opportunity to catch up with backups and have started the clean-ups.  That saying about filling a void really does apply to hard drives.  Even when you try to stay organized, they still fill up.  While perusing some older folders, looking for some photos, I ran across one of Greg with three Newfs on leash during a walk while we were camping:  Brit, Parker and Shelby.  I keep reminding myself that I can handle three at a time, so what’s the big deal about wrangling one small Newf with a lot of energy?!  She still looks like a peg-leg pirate, with the coat on one rear leg having been shaved for the TPLO surgery.  It’s safe to say that she has regained the use of that leg well, even though she points her toe out more now.  Each time she moves back into position, she looks at me and smiles.  She is a very happy girl.  Then she charges on!  Today I’ll give her some room for enthusiasm.  It is a lovely day, and she has been in party sprits since Wednesday.  I do enjoy enthusiasm.  And we’ll keep practicing.  Or negotiating.  But it is easier to win the negotiation when there is one human per Newf.  ; )

Wishing everyone a splendid 2016!

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