Here is an interesting, funny article on cat “language”:

Doesn’t it make you wonder the same about dogs?  And what about non-verbal language?  My Newfs have each had different vocabularies (including body language), although there are some commonalities, such as the “Pfffsssshh!” as a Newf things a human takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r, or the sudden stop and stare when a Newf thinks a human gets it right (but is looking for some confirmation), or the Paw maneuver (“Oh, come on!  Let’s play.”) – and there are many others.

They don’t all go to the same school of etiquette, and they don’t arrive with the same styles, aptitudes and tendencies for a range of behaviors.  There is so much to minds and personalities that originates with genetics; we can shape and reshape, but a lot of it is there from the beginning, good, bad and funny.  So each Newf is an individual, and their uniqueness is what makes each learning process more interesting.  It would be quite comical for someone to take on a study of Newf language and provide an interpreter device.  In Banner’s case, there are many times when that would require a lot of “bleeping”.  <g>  Such as, when I take too long to put the collar over her head for a walk, or to open the door when she’s ready to go out.  Or to do most anything that requires patience – humans are soooo slow!  She eventually gave up on “cussing like a sailor” when we walk as she tries to “speed” in a “no passing zone”.  But you should have heard the complaint a couple of days ago about putting the collar on when she’s not in the mood for patience!  It makes you want to say, “Are those the same lips you kiss your mother with?”  <g>  Those deep low rumblings and growling would make someone unfamiliar with her freeze, with the hair on the back of their neck standing straight out.  However, she has no bad intention, she’s only verbalizing her complaint – her form of rude humor, SNL style.  It’s quite amusing, but I try to not react.  I don’t want to encourage it, but I hope it never completely disappears.

The two girls are polar opposites in many ways, but especially in their communication methods.  Jade is very quiet, similar to Banker, although there were times either of them will/would tell you what is/was on their minds.  You learn to pay attention, to watch their responses.  Banker invested in teaching me to watch and listen.  It was good preparation for when Jade arrived.  Banner is more like Parker in that she is very vocal and uses a wide range of vocalizations, but she’s the only one I’ve known who used her vocal capacities in this style.  And there are times when she can leave you speechless – make your jaw drop, figuratively speaking, and maybe even blush a little.   ; )

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