I’m not a fan of television ads, or internet ads, etc., generally, but I love this commercial – still!

I woke up this morning hearing Willie’s voice, but it kept morphing into another song:

You’re my buddy, my pal, my friend.
I’ll be with you until the end.
I’ll love you until
The rivers run still
And the four winds we know blow away.

(see Jud Strunk

You can’t go through old age with your Newf without feeling this, or missing them forever after.

When we moved into the cabin, I washed Parker’s frog and put it beside the bed, on my side.  It’s lovely to touch it’s softness, or once in a while, to do what Parker did and wrap your arms around it and feel that comfortableness that was present with him.  There is some silly new debate going on about whether dogs like hugs, but with the astute observation that not all dogs like hugs and you should check with the dog before assuming.  Parker gave warm hugs.  Holly loved to give hugs, from the time she was little, when she would reach her neck up as long as it would go, without climbing on you.  Most of my Newfs have given hugs.  Jade loves to give hugs, and when a hug is bestowed on you, it livens you inside.  Banner is doing this now too, when she can be still long enough.  ; )  And once in a while, she gets in that kind of mood, to indulge in being warm and sweet.

Parker’s frog has been the star of a couple of other commercials, so there are some occasional nice reminders too.  In one, at the senior phase of life, when the couple is camping in an open canvas tent in a remote tropical area, the lady wakes face-to-face with this large, happy-looking, plump green frog with a big yellow belly.  I thought the stuffed frog was created from fantasy colors, but that is him – real, slimy, but not soft and cushy.  I have a fondness for frogs and toads anyway, but this one is special.  It appears in another commercial as a ceramic figure.

Memories are very welcome, as that will have to do now.  Whether our needs ever transition such that we acquire a Subaru in place of our Newf limo (big van), this commercial has added to the lasting memories.

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