For as long as you share the company of Newfoundlands, you will meet people who look at them and exclaim, “It looks like a __________!”  Newfoundlands have been described in a number of ways, but the common ones are:

Black St. Bernard
Black Great Pyr
and by their most widely known moniker:  “It looks like a bear!”

There have been Newfoundlands credited for “bear” sightings so that posters were put up to warn people about the presence of bears.  One lady was stopped by law enforcement because it was reported that someone was walking a bear on leash.  And a person from work went on vacation in Colorado with her parents only be become aware that they were being “stalked”, at which point they began running and pointed the video camera backward, bouncing along the trail with them.  This probably wasn’t such a bad idea.  If they went missing and the camera were found, this would explain what happened:  They were mugged by a Newfoundland dog who thought the chase was great fun!

So, it’s time to turn things around, don’t you think?

Newfoundland dog sighting at Cade’s Cove!

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