Banner and I made a trip to town this afternoon.  I needed to arrange an interface through a wall so the dryer hose could go through, so the first stop was at Lowe’s, my home away from home this year.  Bulkhead fittings aren’t available locally, so I was looking for something to improvise.  2” PVC Schedule 40 pipe would make a good sleeve, but without a flange, keeping it in place would not be possible.  The flared ends of a 2” to 3” adapter looked good for the inside and outside surface where the hose would rub, and a J-block could be used on the outside.  The inside is tbd.

Next we made our way toward the park.  Yes, Carthage also has a “Central Park”, and it’s Banner’s favorite place to walk.

A few weeks ago, we stopped late in the afternoon on a Food Truck Friday, I think the last one of the season.  There was a band playing at the gazebo for the second time on one of our walks this summer.  The music was good, so we found a place to park and walked across, looking for a seating opportunity.  Banner was calm amid the noise and all of the human excitement, partly because it was warm for a Newf.  So we moved past the band to the other side of the park, where Greg and I spotted a vacant picnic table and Banner would have some air flow.  The different crowds that appear for events at the park have different responses to Banner.  Many people at this one were very enthusiastic about petting her.  After three waves of swarming kids, a few steps at a time, we reached the table.  I enjoy seeing such a warm reception to her by the kids, and it made her happy too.  The evening was relatively cool but with the dew settling, the relative humidity was uncomfortable for her, so we ate quickly then circled around the park to go back home.  A guy passed dressed in a silver jumpsuit with silver platform shoes and Kiss make-up.  Banner wasn’t interested in anything but finding some air conditioning.

Today the weather was cool, following a week of rain.  But there was another event in-progress at the park.  I saw a guy carrying a large plastic dog crate and asked him what was going on.  It was my turn to be caught off-guard by an answer:  a chicken pageant.  I enjoy chickens, and I think they are lovely, but my head spun for a moment while trying to grasp the idea of a pageant for chickens.  I’ve not thought of a dog show as a pageant, but I suppose it’s fair.  I gathered my wits after half a second or so, smiled and said, “So no dogs then?”  (imagining the potential for calamity)  He replied, “No, that’s next weekend.”  My goodness!  The Maple Leaf Festival is upon us!!

A few nights before, returning from another walk in town, golden leaves had circled their way down to the windshield as we crossed the bridge near the railroad tracks.  This is an enchanting part of the invitation to enjoy fall weather.  Next come the Maple leaves.  I had picked up a few fluorescent pink ones in the park.  Color should be good in another week or two, and the moisture is in the air that accentuates the leaf color.  Rain kept the construction people away all week, but the cool moisture brings a certain welcome to the change in season.

Soon it will be Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then . . .  And somewhere in the middle, there will be snow!  And, of course, a very happy Newfoundland.

By the way, this year she will be going as a Portuguese Water Dog.  The wrong leg was shaved a couple of weeks ago when her TPLO plate was removed.  At least this time she looks symmetrical?

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