We’re in the process of getting our cabin/tiny house ready for sale.  It’s been an enjoyable extended vacation, but our house is close to being finished, and we are ready to move into a home that is built to fit our lifestyle.

I’ve been cleaning and touching up and reorganizing, so the cabin will be presentable, given enough notice for a quick floor-cleaning.  I washed the roll-up linen blinds, and inadvertently damaged one, as when I stopped the dryer to add an anti-static sheet (to help keep dust off), I forgot to reset the temperature to a lower setting.  So the backing stuck together and came apart on one.  It will be a template for a local sewing company to remake, probably without the benefit of the light coat of foam which acts as insulation.

This morning, I got up and made the usual cup of coffee, but I noticed something in the drawer that would not ordinarily catch my attention, a plastic mouse trap.  Now there is an opportunity for embarrassment that may cost us a lost sales opportunity!  I would no doubt fumble for words as I tried to explain that this mouse trap wasn’t a mouse trap but a training tool, to teach an overly inquisitive Newfoundland to keep her nose off the countertops.  Can’t you hear the hypothetical person thinking, “Yeah, right”?

This led me to wonder what other things that I don’t see, a habit of having lived with Newfs for many, many years, that someone else may interpret differently.

What “unique” items, normalized to a Newf owner, are laying around your environment?

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