Dear Readers.

It’s my turn to write a post.

I took the hoomans for a walk this evening.  Rain was coming, and it was hard to get them out in time.  When we started walking down the sidewalk, a policeman stopped and told Mom he would have to give her a ticket.  He said they don’t allow people to raise bears here.  I didn’t’ see any bears, but I smiled at him and he smiled back, and Mom didn’t get a ticket.

I was happy and couldn’t keep from bouncing, jumping and galloping, and smiling.  I had to look back occasionally to see if Mom was still on the other end of the leash.  You must keep tabs on the hoomans.  They are slow.  We turned at the first corner, and wouldn’t you know it, Mom got stopped again!  This time I was on top of it, smiling at the nice officer, who was smiling back.  He said, “She looks so happy!”, and asked if he could pet me.   I let Mom answer, but we both knew what that answer would be.  He asked what breed I was (I never ask that about humans, but they are always curious about me) then he asked if they (we) shed.  Mom said “a little” and smiled as he looked at his hands.  Question answered.  He was very nice and left happy.  I was happy too.

It was a good walk.  When you smile at people and they smile back, it has been a good walk.  We finished just in time.  The rain started as we left to get barbecue.  My favorite!  [Banner has many favorites.]  [Hush, Mom, I’m telling this story!]

Mom gave me a big bucket of fresh, cool water when we got back – my favorite – straight from the hydrant!  The cats were there to welcome me, and then we had dinner and treats.

I hope that you all got smiles and treats tonight too.  I’m feeling a bit snoozy.  G’night everybody.


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