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We had rain last night.  That wouldn’t ordinarily be spectacular, but this year it has only occurred for about the third time since early in June.  Banner didn’t sleep through the night.  Maybe she had forgotten that flashing light during a thunderstorm is just part of a storm.  Or perhaps she was enthusiastic about it.  She barked to get me to go outside with her a couple of times, but I responded, “You have your own door.  Go, go, go . . .   and hurry back.”  I’m not sure why she has decided that she needs accompaniment to go out in the middle of the night, but it can leave me with a sleep hangover the next morning.  This time, I went back to sleep easily enough, but woke again a little early to some insistent urgency.  I needed to get up.  Banner has a lot of credibility, based on my experience with her assessment of urgency, so I began asking:  What do you need?  Water?  (OK, but that wasn’t it.)  Do I need to take Emily out before the rain hits?  (Seemed likely, and she agreed, but that wasn’t “it” either.)  We will have breakfast in a little while.  OK.  Do the cats need to be fed?  – Dierk is always hungry.  Yes, but that wasn’t “it” either.  Is it something else?  Yes.)  I can’t always unravel the answer by asking questions, and this time it remained a mystery.  I gave her fresh water, then took Emily out.  There were cows at their tank (Banner’s backup from her side of the fence) and they needed water.  The float hadn’t been installed for this tank all summer, and water going into the tank from the hydrant is very exciting.  She remained inside, though, waiting for Emily to have her turn.  OK.  Maybe this mystery will be revealed, maybe not.

Banner had gone into the kitchen and laid down in her waiting spot, where she waits while I make coffee or breakfast.  A few days before, I had brought back some cranberry-pecan bagels from Braums, and this was breakfast yesterday morning, along with cream cheese.  When I brought the bagels out, her enthusiasm surged.  She was at my elbow, or close, while I double-tasked, making coffee and heating bagels.  When I began spreading cream cheese, her eyeballs were practically spinning.  I think I have found another favorite.  : )  And I’m fairly certain that was “it”.

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