originally published 11/21/23

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and I expect that most of us will be counting the blessings we have experienced from Newf companionship.  Banner’s menu will include everything but turkey and dressing, as none of my Newfs have tolerated turkey well and dressing has onions.  The apples are ready for either pie or candied apples, most likely candied sweet potatoes and apple pie.  I love the food but dread the eating holidays.  Banner doesn’t dread the eating holidays.

I ran across an article this morning with some good points, most that we are already aware of, and some excellent descriptors:

The author has Golden Retrievers.  In the section on Christmas puppies:

“. . . many dogs given as gifts for Christmas are returned by the next holiday season because “nobody trained them, [so] they’re super cute for three months, and then they turn into velociraptors for about three years, . . .”

That is a great nutshell!  My skeptical side says that she forgot to include “. . . rinse, repeat. . .” as I know that many are serial puppy buyers.  This makes me appreciate those breeders who carefully qualify and screen the prospective homes for their puppy buyers.  I think I’ll add that to the list of things to be Thankful for.

The thoughts outlined in the “Thought bubble” ending are some of the most significant, in my opinion.  Banner plays the role of chief priorities monitor, exercise program director, social engagement assistant and supervisor of groundedness, in addition to her other duties.  So, living with Newfs becomes a sort of value-added lifestyle.  These are roles that have been fulfilled by many Newfs over the years, including one who also stopped to smell the jasmine (or whatever that waxy yellow flower on a vine was).  When it comes to the Newfs, I still feel a lot like that toddler many decades ago whose dog took her hand in its mouth to show her the wonders of nature.

Many Thanks for all of you who share your stories and questions with other owners, and to your Newfs, who make a dimension of learning accessible to all of us.

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